Paint Incompatibility


Loss of adhesion when a water-based topcoat is applied over many old coats of solvent-based paint.

  • Use of water-based paint over multiple coats of old solvent-based paint causes the old paint to “life off” the surface.

  • Avoid incompatible materials such as a thinner with enamel products, or imcompatible sealers and primers.
  • Allow sufficient flash and dry time.
  • Select the correct thinner and diluter specified on the Technical Data Sheet.
  • Solvent test and remove solvent-sensitive substrates.
  • Avoid excessive film thickness.
  • Remove all loose paint down to the bare surface.
  • Prime any bare surface with a high-quality primer and allow it to dry thoroughly. CM EX9000 Self Etch Primer/ CM EX9000 Conventional Metal Primer/ CM EX9000 Zinc Chromate Primer/ CM EX9000 Epoxy Red Oxide Primer
  • Paint with a high-quality paint in the desired finish. CM 9900 Premium High Gloss Paint/ CM 2P EP Heavy-Duty/ CM NC Industrial Lacquer

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